SPA manicure and pedicure in Wellness Center, Javea

SPA manicure and pedicure

The new technology of permanent manicure and pedicure from the Belgian company Pronails Sopolish.

Using the system Sopolish Protect & Peel, natural nails are protected from damage. All products are vitaminized and the protective film is applied to the nail plate. After 2-3 weeks of regrowth of the nail the protective film can be simply removed by yourself without acetone!

This type of manicure revitalizes the nail plate.

We also offer Gel.

Depilation and waxing

Hardware hair removal and waxing of the latest technologies.

Depilation is done with Miles man Premium diode laser. This device has a very high resolution with a cooling effect and without risks for the skin.

It helps to remove hair permanently within 3-6 procedures.

Depilation and waxing in Wellnes Center, Javea
Pressotherapy in Wellness Cente, Javear


Hardware lymphatic drainage massage. The procedure eliminates stagnation of lymph, cleans and feeds derma with the lymph, improves blood circulation, removes excess of liquids and toxins.

The result is a decrease of the body volume, an effective fight against cellulite, improvement of skin elasticity, as well as just relaxing and rise of energy and good mood.

Pressotherapy is effectively combined with the wraps.


  • Therapeutic massage for pain in muscles and joints
  • Sportive
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Anticellulite
  • Relaxing
  • Baby massage (6 years)

All procedures are performed by masters with many years of experience in therapeutic and esthetic massages.

massage in Wellness Center, Javea
Wraps & wellness care in Wellness Center, Javea

Wraps and wellness care

Exclusive wraps with professional cosmetics «Beauty SPA» and «Kleraderm» (Italy) generously pamper your skin and restore its super-smooth, moisture saturation and elastic tone.

Indispensable for skin nourishment with necessary macro- and micro-elements, elimination of toxins and excess fluid, cleansing the skin and combat cellulite.

Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up allows you to enhance the beauty and to fill with colors your eyebrows,  lips and ciliary edge of the eyelids.

Long-Time-Liner technology is one of the best in the world and helps to create real miracles of contour makeup. For this reason many winners in international competitions use this technology widely.

The quality and duration of the result is guaranteed. You will forget about the daily use of mascara and lipstick.

Permanent make-up in Wellness Center, Javea