EMS in Wellness Center, Javea

Electrical stimulation of muscles

The ideal body for 25 minutes!

During EMS training all muscle groups are worked out at the same time: up to 85% of the total muscle mass. The advantage of EMS training is a fast fat burning and gain of the muscle relief.

The impact of EMS pulses is adjusted for each muscle group separately. It allows to work with each client regardless of his body conditions.

Come and experience for yourself the future of fitness.

Vibration platform

The unique trainer is a youth and health generator. Designed in 1960 for the astronauts.

Active training sessions on a vibration platform do not cause heart pulse rise and fatigue, but help to increase muscle strength, improve blood circulation, reduce cellulite, weight loss, cleansing of toxins, as well as post-operative ,.

Vibroplatform in Wellness Center, Javea
yoga in Wellness Center, Javea


The most ancient and physiological gymnastics that can bring back the easiness, health and beauty to the body.

Yoga exercises help not only to make the body fit and flexible, but also to restore harmony to the soul, to give unforgettable moments of freedom, soaring, feeling of self-involvement to the wise and beautiful things in nature.


This is the most useful and safe way to exercise the body.

Pilates has no contraindications and is recommended even when recovering from spinal injuries and back pain. When doing Pilates deep-seated muscle groups are utilized, that is very important for the formation of the perfect body.

You will feel your body again, when begin to practice Pilates.

pilates in Wellness Center, Javea
bodyflex in Wellness Center, Javea


This is a set of exercises, performed in conjunction with a special breathing technique and aimed at reducing the volume of the body.

The secret of success in Bodyflex is diaphragmatic breathing. As a result the body uses oxygen actively and loses the extra inches.

Oxygen is the key to a healthy body!


Eastern psycho-physical gymnastics, aimed at harmonization of energy in the body. As a result there are normalization of metabolism and hormones, aligned state of mind and mood.

In fact it is a set of simple exercises combined with correct breathing and tracking of sensations in the body. Particular attention is paid to correct body size, as well as the development of the ligaments and joints.

Qigong in Wellness Center, Javea